Amateur Photo-taker

Hey guys and Assalamu Alaikum!

My names Nizamuddin, I'm 19 years old and these are my photos I take with my dSLR (and occasionally my phone). I take photos of everything I find interesting.

Feel free to provide any tips and critique,or ask anything! (I am a person at the end of the day :P)


Instagram: Nizanator
Leicester, UK

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A technique called Infrared Photography makes the world look surreal and alien

There’s something beautiful about having Iftar after watching the sun go down
May Allah ignite our love for the Qur’an in this Ramadan.

Ill show you guys in the next few days……..its something youve never seen before… I hope

Cant wait to show you guys what uve been experimenting with, after exams finish!! So excited 

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